Even if you believe you know the persons likes and dislikes, theres still another thing to consider. Where should you buy your Secret Santa gift? The answer is simple. Almost anywhere!

Get a Good Deal

You probably dont want to spend a small fortune as a Secret Santa. Maybe youve set a limit on the price you have to spend. That said, how can you save money yet avoid buying something of poor quality?
Where you buy your gift will depend on what youve chosen to buy. If youre still in the browsing stage, consider a discount department store. You may find exactly what youre looking for on sale or at everyday low price. As always, look for sales and clearances.

Specialty Stores

If you have a good idea of what to buy, head to a specialty store. You might consider stores that sell unique fashion accessories, music and video stores or book stores. How about a sporting goods store for the fitness guru? Pet stores are perfect for buying a gift for the dog or cat lover.
An online personalization store is another good choice. Here you get to choose your gift then have it personalized with a name, initials, favorite verse or poem. Keep in mind, this type of store may charge extra for personalization.

Online Retailers for Price and Selection

If you have a bit of time before the big event, consider shopping online. Youll need to determine the turnaround and shipping times. After all, you want your gift to arrive in time for the big day.
The advantage to shopping online is a great selection. You can buy unusual items and gifts that you just wont find at your local brick and mortar store. Try the Internet auction websites and snag a great deal with the Buy It Now option.

Secret Santa Shops at Flea Markets, Too!

For some great finds, dont rule out your local flea market. Not everything you will find will be used. Flea markets often sell antiques, rare collectibles and other neat little gifts that are sealed and in new condition. Head out there and start looking!