Maybe youve heard of the Secret Santa exchange but you arent sure what its all about. You know the Secret Santa is a gift exchange at holiday time. What you may not know is there are different types of Secret Santa exchanges and price limits for each.

Secret Santa in a Nutshell

You may remember the Pollyanna gift exchange as a child. Schoolchildren participated in Pollyanna gift giving. All the kids bought an inexpensive gift for another child. The kids all drew names from a hat to determine who the gift would be for. Secret Santa gift exchange is similar in concept, with some variations. In most cases, there will be a price limit to adhere to.
To organize a Secret Santa exchange, a group of participants are needed. This may include students, friends or fellow employees. Its generally more fun when there are more than three or four participants. Each participant will draw a persons name. You buy a gift for the person whose name you select. The identity of this person is not revealed.

How Secret Santa Got His Name

After buying your gift for the person youve selected, youll gift wrap it. Be careful about what you write on the gift tag. Why? Because you are a secret Santa, thats why! Dont write your name on the gift tag. You are allowed to write the recipients name on your gift, however. In fact, you need to.

Wait, Theres More

As each person unwraps her or his gift, he or she must guess who bought the item. Depending upon the rules thats established, more than one guess may be allowed. Its fun to guess your Secret Santa.

Ways to Organize the Exchange

There are various ways to organize a Secret Santa exchange. You can organize a web page dedicated to the event. Assemble a guest list and invite all your friends. Send out special invitations requesting a reply. Post a bulletin on your workplace bulletin board. Be creative and think outside the box.

Types of Secret Santa

Besides the ordinary or standard Secret Santa, there are variations. White elephant is one variation. This exchange involves buying a more extravagant gift, typically costing more than the usual moderate amount. The white elephant gift is usually something that isnt practical. It could be a gag gift or something of significance.