Youve got your Secret Santa exchange organized and youre ready to proceed. Youve drawn the name of your recipient. Now youre feeling challenged. Youre not really sure what to buy, because youre uncertain of what he or she would really like. If you want to buy something that will impress and be appreciated, youve got to do a little bit of prodding and sleuthing.

Initiate a Conversation

So, you would like to be the perfect Secret Santa. You want to choose a gift that will be enjoyed. Its not as difficult as you may think. Start up a conversation with this person and the answer may be revealed.
Pick a topic and try to determine his or her preferences. You could say something like, Dogs are my favorite animal. Whats yours? If you learn he or she is a cat lover, use that as a theme for his or her gift. Talk about a book youre reading and ask (in a round-about way) what types of books he or shes into. You get the idea.

A Gift That Reflects His or Her Personality

If he or shes in your circle of friends, you probably have some insight on his or her true personality. Maybe he or shes into yoga or dance. Is he or she a homebody that loves staying home with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa? Perhaps he or shes a teacher. Its easy to choose the perfect gift when you consider his or her personality type.
Also, consider the type of work he or she does. If he or she runs her own home business, select a desk organizer, or something used for productivity. Maybe he or she works in a salon. A cosmetic organizer might be appreciated. You might even have an award customized for him or her. Imagine his or her delight when he or she receives a Best Teacher or Best Hair Stylist pendant or mouse pad.


Everyone loves a gift that is personalized. Choose a gift that can be personalized with the recipients name or inspiring quote. Consider a Best friends coffee mug or a plaque with his or her name engraved. An 810 photo enlargement of a photo youve taken together is a cool idea. Use your imagination and choose something to be remembered.