My name is Charlene, and I have worked as a party planner for the past seven years. I love getting to help people plan the perfect events, whether they be fancy and grand, or simple and sweet. Youd be surprised how many people need a little help getting a party planned and executed well. I get friends and family asking me for advice all the time. But the questions I get asked the most are how to give or bring great gifts at a party. Well, you can imagine that the answers will vary from event to event. Its important not to go overboard or under-board with gifts.

If you feel like youre one of those people that never know what to bring as a gift to formal events or casual parties, this blog is for you. Check back for my occasional posts on how to bring the best gift to make people laugh, scream, cry, and everything else in between. Remember to think first about who might be getting the gift, who might be watching while the gift is being opened, and what you can afford. Once youve got those things covered, you can rest assured that your gift will never be a disappointment at any event.