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Elk is among the most sought after big game animals in North America. If you hope to harvest a trophy elk this fall, youll need to have the right clothing. Heres a quick guide to help you choose the most essential elk hunting threads and accessories.

Outerwear: Jackets and Pants

Successful elk hunting often requires you to get up early in the morning and sometimes youll even have to trek out into the woods during inclement weather. The drier you are, the more likely youll be to enjoy your hunt and make better hunting decisions. When choosing pants and jackets for your hunt, you should look for clothing thats camouflaged, quiet, light, breathable, and waterproof.

Two of these qualities, camouflaging and weight, are easy to see and feel. The other qualities however require a bit of investigation. You can tell if a hunting jacket or set of pants is quiet by walking and moving erratically while wearing the clothing. If you can hear the fabric rustle, then its not quiet enough.  

When it comes to assessing a fabrics protection from water, you should take a close look at the labels. You should only buy jackets and pants that state that they are 100% waterproof. You should stay away from labels that note that a garment is weatherproof or water-resistant. 

For breathability, youll want to choose look for garments with a blend that includes cotton or wool. These fabric blends are more supple and breathable than pure synthetic fabric blends.

Base layer: Undershirts, Socks, and Underwear

Your base layers should keep you comfortable and warm. For most fall hunts, you will need layers that are thick enough to keep you warm, but breathable enough to prevent you from stewing in your sweat.

When it comes to choosing undershirts, you should look for form-fitting shirts made from synthetic fabric blends. They are often labeled as compression-fit or cling-fit. Although you probably wont want to wear these shirts for casual wear because of their tight fit, you should remember that they will be under your hunting jacket. You can often find these types of shirts in the baseball or football sections of your local sporting goods store.

The good thing about hunting underwear is that it doesnt need to be camouflaged. Your hunting underwear will need to provide you with warmth and breathability. Just like undershirts, hunting underwear should be tight-fitting and manufactured from synthetic fabric blends. Its often a good idea to choose full-length underwear versus boxer-length underwear.

Choosing the right socks can be the difference between misery and comfort at the end of a long day of hunting. To prevent blisters and cold feet, you should look for thick wool or alpaca socks. Its important to choose socks that fit snugly on your feet and have extra reinforcement in the heel and toe-box.

Accessories: Gloves and Hats

Hunting gloves must be thick enough to keep you warm, but responsive enough to allow you to use your fingers with maximum dexterity. The best hunting gloves for elk hunting have a waterproof shell, an aggressive grip pattern on the palm, and the option of quickly converting the gloves to fingerless.

When youre shopping for gloves at the store, you should attempt to tie your shoes while wearing the gloves. If you arent able to easily tie them, then they may not perform for you in the field. You should also time how long it takes you to convert the gloves into a fingerless version.

Because most hunting jackets have waterproof hoods, you wont need to shell out money for a fancy hat. Its important to choose a hat that provides maximum coverage for your ears, though.

Only 20% of elk hunts on public land are successful. To beat the odds and succeed where other hunters fail, youll need to make sure that you have the right hunting clothes and accessories. Dont forget to go to sites to do a little research on prices before you purchase anything!

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