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Everyone seems glued to their smartphones these days. Modern phones have so much functionality, however, that its nearly impossible to know about all of their features even if you use yours 24/7. This is especially true if you have an iPhone 5. Here are some insider tips and tricks to get more out of your iPhone.

1. Charge your phone more quickly in airplane mode.

Airplane mode turns off the wireless and cellular features, which are huge drains on the phones battery. If you charge the phone without them, it will reach full capacity much more quickly. You can also get a battery extender case to make the battery lost longer. Click here for more info.

2. Listen to music as you fall asleep using the timer.

Some televisions have sleep timers that turn off the TV automatically after a set period of time so that you can fall asleep to your favorite shows. With the iPhone, you can fall asleep to your favorite music. Under the clock feature, set the timer for your desired length, and under When Timer Ends, choose Stop Playing.

3. View timestamps on your texts.

There are timestamps on all of your texts, not just some as you may believe. Simply swipe left on the phones screen to reveal the hidden timestamps.

4. Turn off in-app purchases.

Have you heard of the five-year-old boy who spent $2,500 on in-app purchases in less than 15 minutes on his parents device? You can prevent this from happening to you by switching off in-app purchases in the Restrictions menu under Settings.

5. Delete the last calculator digit.

Have you ever been adding a long list of numbers only to have to start over again because of one mistyped digit? This wont happen to you again now that you know you can simply swipe right on the number to delete the last digit.

6. Enhance your passcode with letters.

You probably have your iPhone passcode set to a four-digit numberbut did you know you can make it longer, or even include letters? Under Settings > General > Passcode Lock, turn off the Simple Passcode option.

7. Set up custom vibrations.

With custom vibrations, you can know who is calling without taking your phone out of your pocket and without it making any noise. Under Settings > Sound > Ringtones > Vibration, you can set custom vibration patterns by tapping your finger.

8. Use your phone as a level.

Dont go searching through your tool box next time you need to hang a picture. Your iPhone can be used as a level. Go to the Compass app and simply swipe left to reveal it.

9. Easily switch to a more detailed calendar view.

Simply access a better version of your calendar by tipping your phone sideways into landscape view. 

10. Shake your phone to undo your last action.

You can undo multiple types of actions, such as photo edits and typing, by shaking your phone. It will then ask you if you wish to undo your last action.

11. See what planes are currently flying overhead.

Have you ever wondered what planes are flying in the sky over your head? No? Well, perhaps you havent, but its pretty cool to check anyway. Just ask Siri What flights are above me? and shell display a list of the flights carriers, numbers, altitudes and angles. 

12. Teach Siri to pronounce your name correctly.

If Siri is pronouncing your name or another proper noun incorrectly, just say, Thats not how you pronounce [word]. Shell give you some alternate options.

Its amazing how many new features you can find just by fiddling with your phone, and these 12 are just the beginning. Spend a little more quality time with your phone and youre bound to find many more.

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